Image of The Lawman's Redemption


Image of The Lawman's Redemption

Crooks understands the code of the West and the kind of men who survived the harsh reality of the ruthless outlaws who roamed the territory. Her stories are well plotted and researched, and though there is a ready-made conflict between her characters, the short length doesn’t allow Crooks the opportunity to explore their motivations in depth; thus, the story loses some power.

Jack Hollister was a lawman until the day he killed his outlaw father in self-defense. Now he’s a cowboy trying to put his past behind him, but he’s haunted by his father’s dying request to find the man who betrayed him. Grace Reilly travels to Montana to find her best friend, Allie, unjustly accused of stealing money from the lady’s society library fund. Grace is determined to clear Allie’s name. She just never expects to find the lawman responsible for the shootout where her outlaw mother perished. Jack is smitten by the Eastern beauty and after removing her from harm’s way he vows to protect her and discover her secrets. Grace is fascinated by Jack and desperately needs his help. As they are drawn into a deadly maze to hunt down the real thief, they fall in love. But once the truth of Jack’s role in the death of her mother is revealed can she put aside hatred in favor of everlasting love? (HARLEQUIN, Sep., 300 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin