Now that her sister is happily married, Susannah Calhoun makes a life for herself by using her angelic beauty on the stage.

Life is just as she wants it, until her lecherous boss winds up dead and shes jailed for the crime. Because of the victims powerful family, she is escorted to Denver to stand trial by Jedidiah Brown, the only man who is able to make her heart stutter.

The trouble is, Jed knows exactly how Susannah operates and steels himself against her stunning looks and razor-sharp wit. He quickly realizes that someone is out to kill Susannah, and he must use every trick he knows to keep her safe, while at the same time track down a missing eyewitness.

With anyone else, his plans would go off without a hitch, but Susannah doesnt cooperate until she realizes Jeds intentions. In the journey from jail to jury, Susannah finds that her life spent behind a mask of loveliness pales beside the adventure of risking everything for love, and Jed discovers the deepest meanings of trust.

Ms. Mullinss sequel is funny and fast-paced, and yet, while some might scoff at Susannahs trials of beauty, the author once again sketches a poignant tale of a womans struggle to accept herself and how she is perceived in an oft-times narrow-minded world. SENSUAL (Mar., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black