Image of The Lawman's Vow


Image of The Lawman's Vow

Lane has written a western with a different setting, the northern coast of California. Though some may find the amnesia plotline predictable, Lane’s ever-present quick pace and nicely drawn characters will please fans.

Hunting Aaron Cragun, the man suspected of killing his sister, San Francisco Detective Flynn O’Rourke’s small vessel is caught in a storm and he is washed ashore. After the storm Sylvie Cragun is searching for salvage when she finds Flynn, drags him home and nurses him back to health. Flynn remembers nothing, leaving Sylvie to call him Ishmael. As Flynn recuperates they develop a strong bond, yet Flynn begins to wonder at his flashes of memory and what they have to do with Sylvie’s family and the brutal men who come looking for Aaron. Their love will be tested as Flynn remembers his mission and struggles to balance his love for Sylvie, her father’s role in a murder and the truth. (HARLEQUIN, Mar., 300 pp., $6.25)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin