Image of The Lawyer's Lawyer


Image of The Lawyer's Lawyer

Sheehan’s latest novel reads like a hearty, delicious stew. As you dig into each bit of this legal mystery, you come away savoring each part. The plot is well crafted, the characters are authentic, gritty and sympathetic and the story’s theme is crystal clear. Combined with Sheehan’s efficient storytelling, this story moves the heart as you identify with Jack, the “lawyer’s lawyer” and root for him in his biggest case yet.

Trial attorney Jack Tobin is known as the “lawyer’s lawyer,” whom the best lawyers would love to have representing them in a fight. When he is asked to represent Thomas Felton, a serial killer on death row, he takes the case believing Felton has been set up. This decision puts him at odds with the local authorities and townspeople, as well as the woman he loves. It causes him to personally question who he is and all he stands for. (CENTER STREET, Jan., 416 pp., $22.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates