Image of The Lazaridis Marriage


Image of The Lazaridis Marriage
Asking wealthy entrepreneur Nikos Lazaridis for help is a risky move for Tracey Loretto Von Axel, but she's desperate. Tracey recently inherited a majority share in her family's business, and though she has an MBA, the company's board doesn't take her seriously. Neither does Nikos. He's bought into the tabloids' version of Tracey -- the reckless, unambitious party girl. So even though he agrees to mentor her, he also intends to teach Tracey about real life. But in the end, it's Nikos who learns a lesson. Rebecca Winters' The Lazaridis Marriage (4) engages because the characters are so well-drawn. Their relationship also has several different levels -- all of them interesting.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer