Val Haines wakes up in jail with a huge headache and no idea who he is or what's happened to him. By the time he pieces a few things together, he isn't sure he wants to know his identity or his past.

Maybe this is his chance to start fresh—particularly since the rest of the world seems to think he's dead. Then whoever made him look dead tries to make him really dead.

To survive, Val must outwit a clever enemy—a man who has already stolen his wife, child and job, and who intends to send him to his grave a name-blackened criminal. Lust for revenge got Val into this mess, and unless he humbles his heart and changes his motive, the big-time help he needs from God might remain out of reach.

In spare, vivid strokes, Bunn word-paints compelling characters. For a story employing the overused amnesia twist, the plot zips along with satisfying originality. (Mar., 300 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson