Image of Leah and the Bounty Hunter (Men of Defiance)


Image of Leah and the Bounty Hunter (Men of Defiance)

Levine pulls us back to the Wild West one more time in a sensuous, fight-to-the-death roundup where fans of the previous Defiance tales will delight in her ability to weave the romance of the period and familiar, dynamic characters against the harsh landscape.

Defiance is nothing but a skeleton of hope when Jace Gage, the fiercely chronicled Avenger, arrives to clean it up. A famous bounty hunter, he is the town’s last chance to reclaim any sort of normalcy by taking down the ruthless Sheriff Kemp. But his vow to protect Leah will not only compromise his mission, it may just cost him his heart. Rachel and Audrey have fallen in love and settled down, but Leah is nearly feral in her devotion to the few good people left in Defiance. Not even the renowned Avenger will break her promise to stand and fight for freedom, no matter how desperately he makes her wish for the unthinkable: love. Leah and Jace have secrets that threaten them and the town, and they must choose their haunted pasts or a future of passion. (ZEBRA, Aug., 371 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Anne Black