Image of Leap of Faith


Image of Leap of Faith

Book Three in the New Human Intercession series jumps right into a story that is somewhat confusing for those who have not read the first two installments. That said, this futuristic paranormal romance is extremely engaging. JL Wilson has created a futuristic world where humans, clones and synths, which are part human, part machine, all live together. However, the racial and genetic differences cause prejudice amongst the people. Heroine Dru Delaney’s struggle to reconcile her love for synth, Jak, with her preconceived notions about people with his genetic makeup is honest and captivating. The author pushes readers to consider what it means to be human as Dru's feelings affect her interactions and choices on both private and public levels. That alone would fill a novel, but Wilson adds several other futuristic dramas into the fold. It initially seems that the additional ingredients muddy the plot, however by the end of the tale, the seemingly independent stories have intertwined and each narrative is a key to the origins of the planetary war and governmental crisis that Dru and Jak are working to keep at bay. While readers may long for more Jax-and-Dru action, there’s plenty of thrills to be found as the pair work with synths, clones and humans alike for a better world.

If Dru Delaney’s ex, Jax Exo, weren’t a co-planetary leader with her, maybe things would be simpler. But for Dru, nothing is simple, let alone trying to lead a shaky government with Jak, a synth—part man, part machine. No one trusts synths, and Dru definitely doesn’t trust Jak after he lied to her about his genetic makeup. It doesn’t help that Jak’s ex-lover, synth Justine, has made it her mission to edge out Dru and subvert the planetary rule. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a new virus strain is threatening to wipe out a race of cloned humans. Plus, Jak’s young daughter has become attached to Dru, throwing the adults together all the more. As the planets teeter on all-out war, Dru finds her leadership—and her heart—faltering. (The Wild Rose Press, Jan. 2011, $6.50)


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Maria Planansky