From the moment A.J. Sutherland saw the magnificent stallion Sabbath, she knew that he was capable of great things. Despite Sabbath's hell-raising reputation, A.J. decides to bid on the infamous horse, which turns out to be more of a life-changing event than she ever dreamed. Forbidden by her father and step-brother to bring Sabbath into the Sutherland Stables, a desperate A.J. turns to a wounded equestrian legend.

Up until last year, Devlin McCloud was at the top of his game. His prize horse Mercy's long-time winning streak tragically ended at last year's qualifier when a horrific accident killed Mercy and left Devlin with a severely injured leg. Wounded both physically and emotionally, Devlin withdrew from the horse-jumping scene.

When A.J. turns up on his doorstep with her rogue horse, Devlin discovers a spark of interest. A.J. has made a public announcement that she will ride Sabbath in the qualifier, which is only two months away. Delivering on that promise will take all the guts, endurance and patience A.J. and Devlin can muster.

Discovering a talented new author is always a joy and I will certainly add Jessica Bird's name to my list of ones to watch. This romantic drama has it all, from action to acts of courage, all of which makes for an emotionally enthralling read. (Aug., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith