Charity flees an amorous uncle and finds herself penniless on the streets. Her only option is to find work. She hates her life as a lady of the night and spends her moments in bed thinking of anything but the sexual act. But that changes when she meets Eliot Stevens. Eliot needs a wife, but unfortunately his Americanized backcountry ways don't do a lot to endear him to English ladies or their papas. He decides to take lessons on how to woo an aristocratic bride and turns to an experienced but fallen woman for help.

For Charity, talking to Eliot is easy, but the handsome man does something no other man has been able to do -- make her desire his body. She allows him a glimpse into her mind and then begins a lesson in seduction that they both enjoy. Soon, they discover that lust can be very akin to love.

Readers who enjoy Regency romances without restrictions will love Devon's spicy tale. The heroine, although employed in a bordello, is sweet, but the hero draws her out of her shell and right into his arms. The sensual scenes are hot, and the emotions strong. (dl $2.50)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith