On the heels of Cheating at Solitaire, Carter revisits self-help guru Julia. The author wisely prolongs the character's journey by forcing her out of her comfort zone. She's no longer single, and she's preparing to join her boyfriend on the West Coast. With clever card tips -- this time, gin -- again gracing the start of each chapter, this follow-up novel does
not disappoint.

No longer single, self-help author Julia James is dating Hollywood actor Lance Collins (from Cheating at Solitaire). As if learning how to be part of a couple isn't tough enough, now Lance is asking her if she'll move to Los Angeles with him. But with Lance's sudden fame comes a whole new slew of problems. Will Julia lose everything she's worked for by putting herself -- and her relationship -- on the next level? (Berkley, Nov., 277 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg