Image of Learning to Swim: A Novel


Image of Learning to Swim: A Novel

Henry’s compelling debut begins with a fascinating premise. There are many points in this novel where the heroine could have made the easy choice, and taken a more clichéd route. That she doesn’t is just one of the reasons this book is worth your time.

Troy Chance is a single freelance writer, living a comfortable, somewhat uninspiring life, until she rescues a young boy who falls off a ferry into Lake Champlain. The boy, Paul, only speaks French and no one claims him, but more than that – he didn’t fall, he was pushed into the icy water. Troy tracks down Paul’s father, and once she believes she can trust him, returns Paul to him. But the drama isn’t over – there are still Paul’s kidnappers to be found, and Troy’s affection for Paul – and his father – to fight off. (CROWN, Feb., 304 pp., $24.00)
Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener