LEATHER AND LACE is a simple love story. The heroine is a bit self-centered and the hero has some maturing to do. The secondary characters are actually rather flat and are more of a distraction than an addition. While the romance is warm, the story does leave you wondering if Rod and Bethany can truly live happily ever after.

Rod Summers is attracted to Bethany Briggs from the first time he sees her. Rod is a playboy who goes through women like clean socks.

Bethany is a virgin who wants love -- undying, tried and true love. And before the end of their first date, Rod realizes that this woman is very different from those he usually dates.

What do a night club owner and a conservative beautician have in common? Even Rods friends advise him that shes too good for him. It doesnt seem possible for these two people from such different worlds to find true happiness together.

($2.50-$3.50 dl, $4.00$5.00 dk)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley