Image of Leave Me Breathless


Image of Leave Me Breathless

While this story's premise is wildly far-fetched, readers will enjoy watching the relationship between the brothers play out as each gets involved despite his
best intentions. This title is sure to be
a surprise favorite with fans of Janet Evanovich and readers of light suspense.

When prestigious judge Ben Walker is caught in the crossfire of a threat to his best friend, Ben's older brother calls in reinforcements. If only reinforcements were someone other than sexy spitfire bodyguard Callie Robbins. Ben isn't sure he can stand round-the-clock protection from a woman who isn't intimidated by his stellar career, and Callie has no problem bursting his professional facade. But with these two melting all over each other like chocolate in the heat, who is keeping them safe as the threats get closer and closer to home? (BRAVA, Mar., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan