Image of Leaving Carolina (Southern Discomfort Series #1)


Image of Leaving Carolina (Southern Discomfort Series #1)

The story slows in places, but the well-drawn characters and Leigh's trademark wit will still entertain readers, while the message of truth and family will resonate and inspire. It's a good start to a new series.

When Piper Wick left Pickwick, N.C., she left behind an embarrassing name and an equally embarrassing secret. Now that her uncle Obadiah may be at death's door with a will that threatens to reveal her secret, Piper hurries home to change her uncle's mind. She worked hard to overcome her past and establish herself in a thriving public relations firm, so her secret may ruin her credibility -- not to mention her engagement to a U.S. congressman.

While back home, Piper not only confronts her estranged relatives but also runs into Uncle Obe's handsome godson, Axel Smith. Axel's strong belief in his new faith just might rub off on Piper and soften her heart with forgiveness and with love. (MULTNOMAH, Sep., 400 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed by: 
Chandra McNeil