The spirited Gracelin O'Malley returns, leaving her homeland for America. On the run from killing a British guard, Gracelin takes her daughter and boards a ship bound for New York, where she will join her brother, Sean. Her only regret is that she must leave her infant son behind.

The trip is hard and harsh and many passengers sicken and die. While helping those who are sick, Gracelin earns the admiration of Captain Reinders and the enmity of the ship's steward.

Upon her arrival to New York, Gracelin moves in with her brother, joining his circle of political friends and befriending an escaped slave, Lily—which brings her into more danger.

Stalked by the steward and torn between two men, Gracelin fights for her family and the opportunity for a better life and a new love.

The action barely pauses in this thrilling sequel, as we watch the dynamic Gracelin fight new battles, find a new love and become part of the invigorating, sometimes-terrifying New York scene. Though some readers might seek more developed characters, those who read Gracelin O'Malley will be enraptured and riveted by her latest adventure. SENSUAL (Oct., 400 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin