Criminologist Sable Barclay is stunned when she examines new evidence from a decades-old crime. By chance Sables lab is sent recently discovered evidence in the ongoing search for the daughter of Faith and Jacob Langtry, who was kidnapped more than 20 years ago. Having recently discovered that she was adopted, Sable realizes that hair from the long missing child may match her own baby hair, which is kept in a locket.

Sable asks her best friend, paleontologist Eden Eglantine, to go with her to see the Langtry family. When Faith Langtry sees Sable, she is certain her long-lost daughter has returned. In order to keep Sable on the ranch, brother Roark Langtry agrees to let Eden look for long-rumored dinosaur bones.

Not willing to move into the family home just yet, Sable convinces Culley Langtry to let her bunk at his place. Past actions have brought them all to this crossroads, where they all go from here remains to be seen.

Ms. London brings deep emotions and powerful closure to this terrific family saga. (Nov., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith