Opening a flower shop is Natalie Goodwin's dream. Now that she's divorced, with her only daughter in college, it's coming true. So what if she's working so hard that she has no time for a social life? The one relationship Natalie's had since becoming single again was a disaster, and the few dates she's gone on lately haven't been any better. And the only interesting man in her neighborhood, firefighter Tony Cruz, is married.

When Tony's marriage breaks up, they start spending time together. Natalie's torn--Tony is amazing, but he's nine years her junior and wants a family she can't give him. Tony thinks that there should be some middle ground, but they can't seem to find it.

Holm's comedic flair is much in evidence in this fast-paced story, and she handles the emotional moments with equal skill. The characters are quite memorable too--especially Tony and his yummy firefighter friends. (Oct., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer