Image of Leaving Whiskey Bend


Image of Leaving Whiskey Bend

Garlock's latest is an endearing story about two lonely hearts who find each other and how their love weathers every storm. The dialogue is authentic, the action engaging and the characters easily capture your heart.

Minister's daughter Hallie Wolcott is alone and powerless in Whiskey Bend, Colo. When one of her two friends is abused, she and the other haunted women flee, determined to start anew elsewhere. They don't get very far when they're caught in a violent storm.

Ex-veteran Eli Morgan has returned from the war to find his family and his old life broken. He rescues the three women and shelters them in his home. Soon Hallie and Eli fall in love, and they're quickly tested by a monstrous thug and a friend's betrayal. (Grand Central, Nov., 355 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer