Bennett deftly combines a romp and
a deeply emotional, sensual love story to thrill readers. The Husband Hunters Club is off to a memorable start, with enchanting characters and a poignant romance that'll have you craving more.

It's time for respectable Miss Lucille Monteith to marry and, though she has a suitor, she would much prefer to wed the man who proposed when she was 10, Lord Dominic Lacey, aka Wicked Nic. Since then Dominic has done his best to live up to his nickname, but Olivia sees to his soul, and that's the man she desires.

Dominic lives with a horrid secret, although he knows the truth could, in one way, set him free. But in another way, it could destroy the love Lucy feels for him -- and he's beginning to have for her. With a pair of matchmaking servants pushing them together, the lovers have little choice but to face the past and take their chances on a future. (AVON, Jun., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin