Daughters always offers her fans lovely inspirational stories that reach right into a person’s heart and bring out the faith that resides deep down inside. In her new series, Gospa Journeys, Daughters offers a very real, very imaginative tale of love, faith and what can happen when someone truly believes.

Even though Emma is in love with Dr. Sam Mackenzie, his sudden marriage proposal doesn’t work for her. He is leaving to go to a remote town on a distant continent and she cannot see herself giving up her whole life and heading to the middle of nowhere — even if it means giving up the only man she’s ever loved. Years later, Emma is heading to that remote location on business for her family. She has no idea that her parents and a parish priest are setting her up to not only discover what she’s been missing in the romance department, but also giving her the chance to rediscover her faith. (WHITE ROSE, May, 81 pp., $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Amy Lignor