Image of Left for Dead: A Novel (Ali Reynolds Series)


Image of Left for Dead: A Novel (Ali Reynolds Series)

The mystery plot culminates in an interesting way, but few of the characters are intriguing enough to pull readers into the story. The novel opens slowly with numerous scenes told from the perspective of characters whose background stories muddy the flow of the main mystery.

Ali Reynolds has police training, but is now retired. When one of her former classmates from the police academy is shot and left for dead, Ali steps in to help out. When the investigation points to the officer and his wife and their possible involvement in criminal activity, Ali is determined to prove them innocent. Meanwhile, her friend Sister Anselm advocates for a young woman who appears to be an illegal alien, but is actually a prostitute who has been beaten and dumped at the border. As the cases converge, Ali and Sister Anselm join forces to uncover the truth behind the crimes. (TOUCHSTONE, Feb.,304 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett