Banks shakes up her supernatural world in the newest chapter of her urban fantasy saga, as war looms. Though gutsy heroine Sasha Trudeau is on the front lines, three other couples’ travails are the engine for this story. You can always count on Banks to deliver high-octane entertainment!

Shadow wolves Sasha and her mate Hunter are taking a well-deserved vacation when they receive an urgent missive from the fae. Someone has been assassinating vampires in New Orleans and the evidence points to Unseelie Queen Cerridwen. Cerridwen insists she is being framed, but given her track record, the wolves are skeptical. Yet as Sir Rodney of the Seelie is their ally, they offer to investigate. Sasha and her former military team are adjusting to their new status reporting to the POTUS. As the casualties rise, Sasha and Hunter try to uncover the truth. Complicating matters are the romantic entanglements of both Sasha’s and Hunter’s brothers. (ST. MARTIN’S, Oct., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith