Attraction and desire are instantaneous when childhood sweethearts Diane Parmelee and Lije Stuart are reunited. They plan to marry but the differences between them cast a shadow.

Diane, daughter of a Union officer, wants Lije to use his connections from Harvard so they can live in Boston. But Lije wants to return to the Cherokee Nation and join their militia.

When the Civil War breaks out, the two find themselves on opposite sides. The harsh reality of war opens their eyes and their hearts. Diane returns to Lije and once again the two are betrothed; but inevitably their differences tear them apart.

Janet Dailey continues the explosive Gordon-Stuart saga begun in The Proud and the Free. The only flaw in this exciting new novel from the legendary Ms. Dailey is that the hero seems too enmeshed in the war to give the heroine much thought. SWEET (Sept., 352pp., $22.45)

Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer