Erika St. James is co-heir to her late guardian's fortune. She doesn't mind sharing it with his grandson. The problem is she must live with him for 12 months in the family home or be disinherited. But when she meets him, she's shocked by the powerful physical and mental attraction she feels towards him.Knowing her dismal record in personal relationships, Erika fights the attraction with all her being, but it's a lost battle. How can she live with this man and not fall in love with him?

After tragedy struck his brilliant career, attorney Michael Lawrence gave up his practice and withdrew to exorcise the demons that stalk him. When Erika arrives on his doorstep telling him of an inheritance and an unknown grandfather, he not only regrets having refused the fortune, but bypassing the chance to know Erika as well. He's never wanted a woman the way he wants her, but knows he has too many scars to be in a relationship-and he definitely wants more than sex from the savvy, exotic Erika.

But fate throws Michael a wicked curve ball-if he doesn't accept his share of the inheritance, not only will Erika be disinherited, but the entire estate will go to his mortal enemy, Frank Mason, a sadistic psychotic killer!

LEGACY is a riveting drama that blends the best elements of romance and suspense to create a quality literary liqueur too smooth and too lush not to be addictive! (July, 297 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson