Fans of rich and unusual novels are in for a treat and should not miss this truly unique and mesmerizing tale. Ms. Baker has penned a marvelous book that is as riveting as it is haunting.

American Christina Murray has always been entranced with all things Scottish, but she is flabbergasted when she learns she is about to inherit the ancient Scottish Traquair House. Following her arrival at Traquair, Christina meets her intriguing new neighbor Ian Douglas. Ian mistakenly believes that Christina knows all about her heritage and the reasons behind her inheritance.

Christina feels at home in the ancient house from the beginning, but she soon finds herself plagued by unusually vivid waking dreams. As she researches the history of the Murray and Maxwell families, she discovers an eerie and frightening connection between herself and several of her ancestors.

Back in the thirteenth century, Mairi Maxwell of Shiels was cursed and executed by Robert the Bruce for her apparent betrayal of Scotland. Mairi stood accused of giving King Edward I the Stone of Scone, when in actuality, Mairi substituted a fake and hid the true stone.

The curse has held throughout the centuries dooming the last women in the Murray line to untimely deaths. As Christina is now the last female of this generation of Murrays, is she also destined to die? The only way to break the curse is to discover the location of the true Stone of Destiny. Is a clue to its location buried in Christina's recurring visions of the troubled lives of three of her ancestors? Somehow, Ian is also connected to the curse, but is he there to help or destroy?

(Sept., 389 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith