Image of The Legacy: Hotel Marchand, Book 12


Image of The Legacy: Hotel Marchand, Book 12
All photographer Paul Clermont wants to do is sell the crumbling opera house he's inherited in tiny Indigo, La., and get out of town ASAP. But funeral director Marjolaine Savoy and some of the other residents have grand plans for restoring the place. Marjo's determined to preserve the town's Cajun heritage, and nomadic Paul doesn't fully understand her commitment -- at first. Even after Paul grasps the reason behind Marjo's position, and they become intimate, there's still his job to consider -- and Marjo's firmly rooted in Indigo. Shirley Jump ends this continuity series on a high note with The Legacy (4), providing a believable conflict and characters. Nontraditional heroine Marjo is handled particularly well.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer