Image of Legacy: An Anna Strong Vampire Novel [Book 4]


Image of Legacy: An Anna Strong Vampire Novel [Book 4]

Anna Strong needs to live up to her name as she continues to juggle the human and supernatural elements
of her life. Anna's latest first-person adventures land her in the middle of
a murder case and a vengeful power struggle. Gifted Stein continues to
develop her world and characters, giving them realistic weaknesses and flaws. Urban fantasy with true depth and flair!

Bounty hunter turned vampire Anna Strong still has much to learn about the supernatural community. That lack of knowledge puts her at a distinct disadvantage when a werewolf with a grudge comes to town. Having killed Avery, the vampire who betrayed her and nearly killed her human partner David, Anna is horrified by the arrival of Avery's estranged werewolf wife Sandra. On top of that, David's supermodel girlfriend Gloria has managed to become the prime suspect in her business partner's murder. The werewolf situation is getting pretty dicey, can Anna keep the supernatural threats away from her all-too-human family? (ACE, Sep., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith