Image of Legacy


Image of Legacy

Teenage author Kluver makes her debut with this series first set in
the fictional kingdom of Hytanica. Readers with empathize with Princess
Alera who is struggling beneath the weight of her parents' royal
expectations and her own desire to explore a world much broader than the one
she has been offered. Kluver has brought to life a wide cast of characters
each rich with detail. Fans of young adult, historical fiction and fantasy
will all be anxious for the next novel in this brilliant world. (This book
was previously released by an independent press.)

Fifteen years ago during the war between Hytanica and Cokyri, 49 infant boys were stolen from Hytanica, but only 48 bodies were ever recovered and the fighting stopped without warning. Now, just before Hytanica Princess Alera's 17th birthday, the date when she must marry a man of her father's choosing and assume the duties of ruling the kingdom, the final missing boy returns to Hytanica. Although the royal family does not trust Narian, Alera finds a kindred spirit in this young man who challenges everything she believes. But will she put aside her royal destiny or can she find a way to convince her father that Narian is to be trusted?

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Reviewed by: 
Kate Girard