There is nothing else Slayde Huntley, Earl of Pembourne, can do other than meet the ransom demands and relinquish the infamous black diamond to the kidnappers in order to rescue his sister, Aurora. Except it isn't Aurora who the pirates hand over.

Taken captive when her father's ship is overrun by pirates, Courtney Johnson is used as a pawn in some strange game in which the stakes are high and the villain a mysterious rival of the Huntleys.

Slayde brings Courtney home to heal in both heart and mind from her grueling ordeal. While recovering, Courtney learns of the Huntley family treasure-the black diamond that is both a priceless gem and a curse.

Steadfast in the belief that her father did not die when thrown overboard and intent upon helping Slayde reclaim the diamond, Courtney sets in motion a plan to drive the real villain out into the open.

Brought together by their mission, Courtney and Slayde cannot deny the magic that pulsates between them and a love that knows no bounds is just one of the treasures they uncover on their quest for truth and justice.

Once again Andrea Kane dazzles readers with a riveting tale of historical romantic suspense. THE LEGACY OF THE DIAMOND, first in the Black Diamond series, is a deliciously romantic tale spiced with just the right amount of intrigue and sensuality. A "must" read for fans of the classic Gothics. SENSUAL (Feb., 416 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin