Image of Legally Dead: A Novel


Image of Legally Dead: A Novel

Buchanan kicks off her new series with
a resounding bang. Populated with characters you'll love and propelled by an electrifying plot, this is a wild ride with a heart-stopping conclusion that leaves you aching to know what's next. The reader will connect not only with Venturi and his team but also with the characters he saves.

U.S. Marshal Michael Venturi of the Witness Protection Program specializes in relocating criminals, giving them freedom and new identities in exchange for their testimony against worse criminals. The trouble is Venturi's never liked letting criminals off the hook. Following a relocation gone bad -- very bad -- he leaves the force and turns his attention to ordinary citizens whose lives are in ruins and who deserve a second chance. He helps them fake their deaths and start anew. But Venturi fails to foresee the unexpected consequences of his good deeds. (Simon and Schuster, Aug., 368 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters