Image of Legally Hot


Image of Legally Hot

This trio of stories features sexy heroes who are determined to keep the strong women they love safe. The collection includes a fair amount of suspense and plenty of hot sex.

In “Sheila’s Passion” by Leigh, Casey, a member of the Covert Information Network, is in love with his boss’s daughter, Sheila. She needs him to admit this. Will a threat to her life be enough to make it happen? Detective Adam Boyd is after his partner’s killer, who has been released from prison. He also hopes to protect Keri Holliday, whose testimony helped put that man in jail — especially since Adam’s realized he’s in love with her in McCray’s “Deadly Dance.” In “Caught” by Garnier, homicide detective Cody Nordstrom is the man for Megan Banks, and she’s determined to get him to admit he loves her too, but he feels unfit to be with her, since his twin brother murdered their parents. Even worse, his brother has escaped from prison and is now after Cody. (ST. MARTIN’S, Jan., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley