Laura Baker is truly a dazzling new find. Her second novel, LEGEND, is a marvelous example of romantic suspense deftly blended with Native American beliefs, chilling psychological terror and the eerie paranormal. A book you wont want to miss!

After discovering a third mutilated body, the Navajo Tribal Police know they have a serial killer on their hands. The FBI sends in Jackson Walker, one of its top profilers. While his Navajo blood is evident in his face, Jackson knows little about Navajo culture. He was adopted as a child and taken off the reservation. When he studies a crime scene, he usually visualizes the events from the victim's perspective; this time, however, his psychic flashes are coming from the killer.

The minute Ainii Henio hears that "medicine man" Joe Clah has been ripped to shreds, she knows that a deadly danger has been unleashed. Unlike Joe Clah, Ainii's father had been a true medicine man before his untimely death. In his day, her father had fought battles against the Yenaldlooshi, a shapeshifter witch that takes the form of a werewolf.

When Ainii divulges her theory to Jackson, he dismisses it out of hand, unable to buy into her mysticism. But as the evidence mounts and Jackson continues to experience a chilling connection with the killer, he wonders if there might be some truth in her theory. Ainii refuses to wait any longer-if no one will take her seriously, she will have to try and defeat the shapeshifter herself.

(Oct., 288 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith