LEGEND is as magical and memorable a time-travel romance as Knight in Shining Armor with as many unusual twists and turns as Remembrance. Ms. Deveraux takes you on a whirlwind ride with ups, downs and surprises around every corner. A most ingenious time-travel romance and a wonderful, uplifting story, LEGEND will make you believe that dreams can come true.

Premier chef Kady Long is preparing for her wedding when she buys an antique flour tin containing a wedding gown and a tintype of the Jordans. The moment she slips on the beautiful dress, Kady is transported to 1897 Legend, Colorado.

Kady is stunned to see a band of men ready to hang Cole Jordan. Kady stops the hanging, nurses Cole and then tries to enlist his help to get back home. Cole has many secrets and the handsome man tricks Kady into marrying him. And as she cooks the finest feast the people of Legend have ever had she begins to fall in love with Cole.

But when Kady meets Cole's grandmother, she learns a terrible secret. Kady must return to the present, and locate the Jordan descendants in order to find a future with the man of her dreams.

(Sep., 370 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin