Rancher Joseph Colorado has an awesome responsibility. For generations, his family has been the keepers of a secret healing room given to his Apache ancestors by "Those who came from the sky." When one of his people arrives near death, Joseph, like his father before him, takes the man to the inner room to be healed.

Unfortunately, perhaps due to having been raised far from his father's ranch, Joseph's brother Benny has not developed into a responsible adult. When dying millionaire Stuart Rossi offers a million dollars for a cure for his disease, Benny sells out his family.

Joseph is forced to confront his past when his long-lost love Raine Beaumont returns to the ranch. For years they have blamed each other for her leaving, and it is disturbing to learn that it was parental interference that drove them apart. But a troubled Raine is there on a mission. After she left Oracle, Arizona, Raine gave birth to a stillborn baby boy. Now she wants to have their son re-buried on his father's land. Joseph is devastated by the news of his child's birth and death. As they wait for the official paperwork to be completed, Raine and Joseph begin rediscovering each other. For Raine any glimpse of happiness is both joyful and sorrowful, for she knows her time with Joseph is limited.

Meanwhile Stuart Rossi is becoming desperate, Soon he will do anything, even kill, to find his cure.

A magical gift from ancient visitors forms the unique core of this powerful love story. Ms. McCall spins magic! (Oct., 375 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith