Recently widowed and having vowed not to remarry, Honor Stafford Jennings plans to make her home in a keep on her familys land. However, when she arrives at her new home, she finds it already occupied by Galen de Marlowe, who claims the keep is his.

Galen has secluded himself in the keep to understand the visions hes been having about a killer. He wants nothing to do with Honor, but when she tries to drive him out of the keep by posing as a ghost, hes had more than enough of her and decides to speak to her father about seeing her married off. Only hes the one who takes Honor to Edwards court and who will return with a new wife. However, amidst the king, his sons and Richard III, the couple are caught up in a dastardly plot.

Suzanne Robinson infuses a great deal of slapstick humor into a lightweight medieval where the characters are more foolish than realistic. Readers seeking the more usual Suzanne Robinson story may be surprised at this fluffy tale. SENSUAL (Mar., 278 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin