The wonderful talent of Laura Resnick, known to romance fans as Laura Leone, sparkles in the paperback reprint of her first fantasy novel, IN LEGEND BORN (4.5). The oppressed people of the mountainous island of Sileria await the coming of the Firebringer, a champion destined to free them from the rule of the hated Valdanians. But who exactly is the Firebringer? Is it Josarion, a heretofore peaceful native who only says the word no after the death of his wife? Or is it the mysterious swordmaster Tansen, whose complicated past hides more than one secret? And what role does the young Guardian Mirabar play?

Creating a vast panorama behind an intimate backdrop to the lives of her fascinating characters, Ms. Resnick writes with the shining wonder of truly great fantasy.

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer