Ms. Lanigan takes readers on an incredible journey. Filled with facts, the story will capture interest immediately. It lacks only on character development, as readers might find the back stories a little thin.

M.J. Callahan travels to Ecuador as part of a three-person team from Texan Oil in search of a rich oil field. Her companions are Michael Hunter, famous for his previous finds, and the group leader, Travis Kincaid, who will be furious when he discovers that M.J. is a woman.

Travis needs this trip to be fruitful. The oil boon is on, and his money is running short. Hes already won and lost one fortune. This time the money is for the people of this poor country, to build schools and hospitals. He knows how dangerous the jungle is however, theres no time to wait, so he agrees to let M.J. come along.

But, unseen forces are at work to make sure the team never achieves their goals. And now, their lives seem to be mirroring a trio who took the same journey sixty years before but never returned. How much is legend and how much is fact remains to be seen, but M.J. will get more excitement than she bargained for!

(Jul., 377 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson