Image of The Legend of Michael


Image of The Legend of Michael

Jones launches a new series with this thrilling story of love and determination in a society on the brink of war. Area 51 is a training and research facility for a new breed of soldier with a combination of alien and human DNA. Readers will be hooked by the intriguing couple and will be hoping for a happy ever after as the world and their small handhold on it begins to crumble. Jones’ main characters are wonderful — both strong and needy — and she surrounds them with a strong supporting cast that will have audiences eagerly anticipating the next books in the series.

It’s lust at first sight when psychiatrist Cassandra Powell runs into Michael Taylor on her first day at her new post in Area 51. Stationed at the base on her father’s orders to evaluate the soldiers of the Zodius Project, Cassandra finds Michael intriguing and difficult to resist. As their relationship progresses, she discovers she is one of the few destined to be lifebonded to Michael. Michael, determined to make up for his parents’ mistakes, agrees to become a new breed of soldier in the Zodius Project, a GTECH supersoldier with alien-enhanced DNA. But when he realizes Cassandra is his lifebond, he will do anything to keep her from joining with him and completing the process. But when circumstances on the base change and the GTECH soldiers split into factions, Cassandra must question everyone, including the man she loves. (SOURCEBOOKS, May, 416 pp., $6.99)
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Sabrina Cooper