Image of The Leopard Prince


Image of The Leopard Prince

Hoyt tunes her erotic romantic style to readers' deepest fantasies. She merges the fairy tale with reality, drawing on our childhood dreams of magic merged into the adult world of passion and suspense. Playing on the classic theme of the lady and the commoner, she has created an unforgettable love story that ignites the pages not only with heated love scenes but also with a mystery that holds your attention and your heart with searing emotions and dark desire.

Though Lady Georgina (George) Maitland has no need of a husband, she needs a man to run her newly inherited Yorkshire estate. Meeting the steward, Harry Pye, George knows she's found that man. Handsome, powerfully built, intelligent and exuding masculinity, Harry is all male. George casts propriety to the wind and sets out to lure Harry into her bed.

But Harry knows nobility can't be trusted, and he's wary of George's seduction, even though he begins to fall in love with her. Then rumors start, and a ruthless magistrate and Harry's greatest enemy accuse him of poisoning sheep and murdering a woman. As Harry tries to uncover the truth, George helps him and gets caught in a tangled web of old hatreds, dark family secrets and a love to last a lifetime. (Warner Forever, Apr., 345 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin