Image of The Leopard's Prey: A Jade Del Cameron Mystery


Image of The Leopard's Prey: A Jade Del Cameron Mystery

To take a virtual tour of Nairobi and the surrounding region in the 1920s, look no further. This enjoyable mystery features a smart and resourceful female protagonist, and the way the dissonant relationship between the wild animals and the humans who encroach on their territory is presented is as interesting as the mystery. Packed with adventure, this mystery and its characters -- both human and animal -- engage but don't have lasting impact.

Photojournalist Jade del Cameron is working with a group of zoologists to capture a leopard that has killed villagers' animals. She doesn't count on being used as bait to lure the wild cat. After a terrifying night, Jade returns to her friends' coffee farm, where another unsettling event occurs --- a body is found.

At first, it appears to be a suicide, but when it's deemed murder, Jade's beau, Sam Featherstone, is high on the suspect list. It's up to Jade to prove his innocence. Trying to do so makes her a target for another kind of killer, one that will do anything to stop her. (OBSIDIAN, Jan., 384 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters