Image of Leopard's Prey (A Leopard Novel)


Image of Leopard's Prey (A Leopard Novel)

It’s back to the bayou as Feehan delivers another tale of murder, mystery and intense passion amongst the leopard clan. This time it is sexy and arrogant cop Remy Boudreaux’s turn to get his comeuppance as a face from the past returns to rouse his mating instincts. With a Feehan novel you know you will get well-developed characters and an engaging plot, so when you add a dose of sizzling sexuality you have an unbeatable mix!

Four years ago, a serial killer left behind a trail of bodies, only to disappear without a trace. Now it appears the killer is back and once again making sacrificial killings. Someone else has also returned to New Orleans: Bijou Breaux, the daughter of a legendary deceased rock star. Bijou has become a famous jazz singer in her own right and now wants to open a club. No longer a little girl, Bijou stirs Remy’s leopard like no other. But both man and leopard fear for Bijou, as she has acquired a stalker. There is danger lurking on the bayou, and it may have both Bijou and Remy in its sights. (JOVE, Jun., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith