Image of Lessons and Lovers


Image of Lessons and Lovers

This tale of sexy shenanigans in the workplace scorches the pages, offering enough variety and spice to make any erotica enthusiast's heart pound. Unfortunately, some natural plot opportunities are not exploited; thus, secondary storylines add little to the overall narrative.

Widowed Lady Henrietta Miller is rediscovering her sensual side with her faithful manservant, Starr. Their relationship is anything but proper in the bedroom, yet he still insists on his stuffy decorum at all other times. Hettie plans to confess her growing feelings for Starr and put an end to his calling her "ma'am" and "milady" forever.

Starr is devoted to serving Hettie's every whim yet remains loyal to his late employer. He feels torn between his deeply ingrained sense of propriety and duty and his love for Lord Miller's widow. (, dl $5.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer R. Wells-Marani