Image of Lessons From a Courtesan


Image of Lessons From a Courtesan

Petersen tells a highly charged story that reaches new heights in emotional intensity and sensuality. The passion between the two strong-willed characters is palpable and unforgettable.

With her wedding day behind her, Victoria Reed Talbot can hardly wait for the night. Though she barely knows her husband, Justin, Earl of Baybary, she longs to be his perfect wife. Victoria's passionate dream turns into a nightmare when Justin leaves her in the morning. She cares for their estate, never venturing to London, until a friend disappears in the city.

In a daring move, Victoria arrives in town as a mysterious, alluring courtesan, "Ria." Men swarm to her, but only one knows the truth, Justin. Determined to find out if the rumors of her lovers are true, he begins a campaign to win Ria. But first he must earn her trust and help her find her friend. As the investigation ensues, Ria and Justin learn a great deal about themselves, their relationship and the power of love. (Avon, Jul., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin