Image of Lessons of Desire


Image of Lessons of Desire

Along with Hunter's keen sense of human nature and sharp ear for dialogue, she has an inherent understanding of the drama in life that enables her to craft intelligent characters and strong plotlines into powerfully emotional romances. You'll simply fall in love with this one.

Fearing his family will be ruined if a scandalous manuscript is published, Elliot Rothwell sets out to stop the presses. He's in for a battle with Phaedra Blair, a woman whose sensuality and determination match his own. Elliot finds Phaedra under house arrest in Naples for instigating a duel. He arranges for her to be released into his custody in hopes she'll alter the manuscript.

Phaedra thought Elliot was her savior. She's furious when she realizes he has become her jailer. A believer in free love and independence, she won't accept defeat. On the journey to Pompeii, Phaedra begins to appreciate Elliot's ideals. She has no qualms about becoming his lover, but when they are forced to wed she feels caged. As they draw closer to uncovering the truth about his family and her mother's secrets they realize the passion between them is a game of seduction they can both win. (Bantam, Oct., 390 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin