Image of Lessons in French


Image of Lessons in French

One of the most beloved authors of the genre returns with a lighthearted, joyous love story. Those seeking a dark tale and a tormented hero will not find it here. Instead they will delight in the engaging characters, Kinsale's sparkling sense of humor and the pure joy of reading a romance crafted by a master.

Lady Callista Tailliefaire doesn't mind being the countryside's spinster. She's turned her passion to breeding prize bulls like her beloved Hubert. Then her childhood sweetheart, Trevelyn Davis d'Augustin, who was sent away after they shared a compromising kiss, returns after a nine-year exile. As they begin to rebuild their affections an old jilt returns to woo Callie, Hubert is lost in a card game and Trevelyn plots one more adventure for Callie: They paint Hubert and steal him back. All this serves to rekindle their passion and sweep them up in a new love. (SOURCEBOOKS, Feb., 446 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin