In the story, the character's only thoughts are for each other. It is both amusing and touching to watch the unconventional, yet adorable, relationship develop. Garret is handsome and witty as he does his best to shock Julia with language and deeds, but as the older heroine, Julia, has been intrigued by Garret for a long time, she is more than ready to experiment in bed. Garret's constant attention, both inside and outside of the bedroom soon have Julia realizing her true worth and she blossoms into the stunning, confident woman she was always meant to be.

Lady Julia Renwick may be a widow, but she is still young and passionate. She wants to take a lover, however, he must meet her exacting standards. Her relationship with the younger Garrett, Earl of Bedingfield, has been platonic for years. But after months of seemingly innocent flirting, Julia throws caution to the wind and invites Garrett into her bed. Garrett readily accepts the offer, despite the fact that the difference in their ages would be a huge scandal if anyone found out about the liaison. After spending time together both in and out of the bedroom, Julia and Garrett form a bond that nothing – not even Society - can break. (CARINA PRESS, June 2011, dl., $2.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne