Image of Lessons Learned


Image of Lessons Learned

Readers will fall in love with both heroes and
heroines -- as well as
the setting -- in these two related
tales. Davies' descriptions are spot-
on, and her voice is refreshing. This is
a perfect read for those who believe
in fairy tales.

Brynn Dexter leaves the United States thinking she's been hired as a kindergarten teacher in Laurivenia. But when she arrives she discovers she's to be a nanny to an adorable princess. Brynn wins over the youngster and her father, the widowed Crown Prince Alex, in "Lessons in Love." Alex's sister, Princess Lucia, has done her best to develop a reputation as an ice princess. Will she change when her brother hires American security expert Eric to be her bodyguard in "Lessons in Trust"? (SAMHAIN, Jan., 287 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice