LESSONS IN SEDUCTION (4.5) by Sandra Hyatt: A charming and sexy takeoff on the movie Sabrina, Hyatt’s chauffeur’s daughter is not only not looking to hook up with a prince, she’s actively helping him find the right woman — and her prince is just priceless in his cluelessness. Prince Adam Marconi is in need of the perfect wife when he takes his place as king of San Marco, so he’s drawn up a list of requirements and asked his old friend Danni St. Claire to help him out. Danni is trying to get Adam to loosen up a little, be a little more spontaneous, but she winds up with more than she aimed for when Adam turns his sultry intentions on her. Readers are the ones scoring the hit when they pick this one up, and it’s a shame that Hyatt’s passing is going to deny them more tales like this one.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper