Image of Let the Dead Sleep (Cafferty & Quinn)


Image of Let the Dead Sleep (Cafferty & Quinn)

Graham bases the first story in her new Cafferty and Quinn series around an evil object lifted from a New Orleans grave, thrusting her heroine into an eerie, unknown world she never knew existed. The plot is engaging, but the the story lacks Graham’s trademark character growth and romantic elements. Still, it’s an entertaining, spine-tingling read.

Artist Danni Cafferty inherits an antique shop in the heart of New Orleans from her father. One day, a woman bursts in to the store demanding that Danni pick up an evil statue that has killed her husband. To calm the woman, Danni agrees to meet later that evening. When she arrives at the woman’s home, she is too late — the woman has committed suicide. Michael Quinn, former city golden boy, is a P.I. who has been following the trail of the very same statue. Yet there is no sign of it at the woman’s home. As Danni and Quinn search New Orleans for the cursed object and Danni learns more about her father’s strange past, the body count keeps rising. As their attraction becomes too much to ignore, will they find the statue before it kills them? (MIRA, Apr., 336 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson